/’sp–ædʒ’/ — A Welsh word meaning “House Sparrow”, and a nickname that has stuck for about 9 years due to my sparrow-like legs and ‘little and often’ (constant) eating habits…

Asking a stranger to part with their money is a tough job, yet I do it daily using nothing but words.

I’m a professional copywriter with more cameras than tattoos and more cats than sense.

I think my obsession with word perfection began with MySpace. If I had £1 for every time I amended the ‘about me’ section, then today I could eat my Master’s Degree and retire. (My doctor says I should stop eating inanimate objects simply because they’re ‘easier to catch’…)

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram then you already know that I’m in a serious relationship with my iPhone, and only with this man for his beard.

Did you know that typing out lengthy emails, such as job offers, is great for improving your back posture?
Email me quickly! And add ten years to your mobility.

Spadge / Sarah Whittaker