I choose not to be a mum

I choose not to be a mum

I know a lot of new mums; all I have to do is visit my Facebook news feed and I can’t miss the huge range of photos and videos of children dancing to Beyonce or eating lipstick. Cute little terrors.

I understand that people breed for different reasons and, when they do, I understand that that child becomes the most special, or important aspect of a parent’s life. I’ve seen your faces and I am genuinely happy they make you so happy, but I’m going to tell the world why kids simply aren’t for me…

Whenever I mention my plan of a child-less future to people they always ask ‘why?’. Some have commented that it’s a selfish way of living; saving yourself time and money at the expense of not continuing the family history. Others say I will end up lonely later in life, with nobody to look after me or pick up my health bills.

Have you met kids today? Seriously.

My stepmother teaches kids aged 11-16 and last night I heard some horrific stories. I’m sure she won’t mind me commenting that she can be a very scary/intimidating lady, lovely when she wants to be but can drive 16 year old boys to tears in about 10 seconds. It is genuinely impressive! These kids still talk back to her, they purposefully seem to act out or push the boundaries and I have noticed that about kids these days in general.

Last summer I remember Rick having to chase and shake some young teenage kids for throwing apples at his £3,000 camera. Have you seen Rick Nunn?!!! I would not mess with him. They thought they could out-run a 20-something, bearded, tattooed guy after calling his girlfriend a slag and potentially breaking his hard-earned photography equipment.

This is the generation who are supposed to look after us? Rick and I have mentioned before that generations seem to be changing faster, developing even faster than the technology that surrounds them. Don’t get me wrong I love how accessible information is these days; with the internet in the palm of your hand, but maybe that is bad news for todays younger generation? They have anytime-access to adult content and must lose years from their childhood.

My younger brothers, the youngest being 10 years younger, often taught me swear words that I had never heard before after a day of school.

It’s not the parents fault, it’s not the teachers fault, maybe they just have more power than they used to?

I can’t believe how young girls dress. My parents wouldn’t let me go out like that. I’ve seen 12 year olds wearing makeup and they even make high-heeled shoes in junior sizes now too. I’d have killed for some high-heels in those sizes. I always had tiny feet, even as an older teenager, but I wouldn’t have worn them around the supermarket with my chiropodist mother.

The human population is expanding, what will happen when it gets too large? In this country there are more than 2.5 million unemployed, there isn’t enough demand for work to meet the increase in population that we face every year. People are starting to question the relevance of school in education. I find it hard to argue with that video.

My genes have meant that I have suffered chronic migraines, have the immune system of a gnat (I imagine that has quite a weak one, yeah?) and anxiety that has often made me feel like a prisoner without free will. I think I’ll save some poor kid the trouble of dealing with all that physical trauma, while struggling for a job, being forced into a somewhat-pointless education and then turning out to be someone who doesn’t respect authority or discipline.

Perhaps I’m just the wrong kind of person to be a parent; too kind-natured and terrified of creating something that will effectively spend a lot of time hating me.

I would be very interested to hear what you guys think, I won’t be persuaded but I’d love to hear your views on parenting and the future.