The silence caused by society

The silence caused by society

You may have seen this message left on New York’s Craigslist recently, it caused quite a stir online!

Craigslist is famous for its missed connections┬ásection, where people can leave messages for strangers that they’ve felt a connection with, usually in the hope that person will one day see it and contact them.

A rather cute notion that has now attracted quite a fan-base, especially amongst romantic suckers like me.

However, this particular story (here’s the link again) lingered in my mind. I think the fact that it’s wonderfully written gripped me more than usual? But I found it particularly upsetting when I realised it was written by a woman. [Now read it once more, with that in mind?]

To sit in silence for more than 60 years, over a mutual connection with another woman, yet feeling held back by society, is such a sad story. These women have only one life, or so I am led to believe, and they have spent 60 years of it suffering in this frustrating silence. Perhaps missing out on an opportunity that could have been the best thing that ever happened to them. How awful is that?!

I forget how lucky I am to live in a society that is generally more accepting. This story was a beautiful but heartbreaking reminder of our romantic freedom, and the somewhat-softer side of me really wanted to share it.