Has Bieber found his balls?

Has Bieber found his balls?

I’m talking about Justin Bieber or, as he usually refers to himself during first introductions: “Justin, thrice named one of the top ten most powerful celebrities in the world, Bieber.”

If you’ve never heard of him, he’s a guy who has almost impressively fallen from his throne (atop his swooning-teenage-girl mountain of ‘Beliebers‘) straight into the top 5 most hated men in America list, all before the allegedly-tender age of 21. He’s also a singer, vaguely.

The song that shot him to fame was this bad boy, back in 2010. Forever in my head yet also the only Justin Bieber song I could name with a gun to my head. You may notice, if you actually clicked that link, that the video also has a lot of ‘dislikes’. You’d be right to notice because it’s actually the most disliked video in the entire YouTube universe.

Are you feeling a little bit sorry for Biebs? Don’t:

  • He threw eggs at a neighbour’s house and then said his ‘ankle hurt’ too much to do his community service
  • He stripped during a live telecast on CBS (unscripted)
  • He stole a phone from a woman’s handbag after she took photos of him being a douche
  • He crashed an ATV into a minivan and was then arrested for assaulting the driver
  • He made a dig at Orlando Bloom’s ex wife to Orlando Bloom at a club
  • He pretended to be in a wheelchair to jump the queues at Disneyland
  • He uses the n-word, a LOT
  • He was extremely abusive to a female flight attendant during a private flight
  • He was arrested for drag racing while under the influence
  • He regularly urinates in random places
  • He abandoned his pet monkey in Germany when he couldn’t be bothered to sort out legal papers
  • He’s banned for life from a gym after trashing their bathroom
  • He spit off a balcony onto his fans below
  • He must have been majorly embarrassed when some pre-photoshopped Calvin Klein adverts were leaked online

(He claims they’re fake) but he’s basically a bit of an embarrassment in general.

But, this is why I was genuinely impressed when I saw these adverts on Comedy Central last week:

My first thought was ‘wow, that’s a good Bieber look-a-like!’ because this is not someone who usually has a sense of humour. He’s definitely not one to admit his mistakes and he comes across as too cocky to even listen to such insults.

Yet it appears that The Biebs is setting himself up for a public roast on Tuesday night, on Comedy Central (or Monday in the US)! Can this be true?!

(Also how good are those advert teasers?! Loving the nod to the egg-throwing.)

Roasts are not a new concept, many celebrities have been roasted before. From James Franco to Charlie Sheen, and even Bruce Forsythe, celebrities have often put themselves in the firing line of good-natured jokes but always at their expense.

Franco is so laid back that he’s almost the undead, Sheen is an actor so at worst he can just act not offended and Forsythe is the great great great granddad we all secretly wish we had; adorable. These celebs also range from 36 years of age (or 34 at the time of roasting) to 87 years, and do not appear in any ‘most hated’ lists. Justin is only 21 and I know that isn’t an excuse for his behaviour but it seems he is already taking everything with an impressively adult-sized pinch of salt. I think he is much braver to attempt this, although I still have visions of him ‘doing a Jeremy’ and punching people that make fun of his entourage number or who undercook his steak. If he even eats human food?!

THIS LINK CONTAINS SPOILERS but it shares some of the best zingers from the roast. God I love a bit of celebrity bashing on Buzzfeed. He is dressed a lot better than when he met the president of Canada for a start; man points, but his end message on there is almost heartwarming. Is he for real? Will he cry? Man, I hope he cries.

I am a huge fan of this kind of comedy anyway but I’m particularly excited about this one. I don’t think I’ll be ready to covert to Belieberism or anything but I know I’ll be watching!

Monday at 10 for the US and Tuesday at 10 for the UK, on Comedy Central.