Little Bean & Little Bump

Little Bean & Little Bump

This week I did something a little bit different, something that woke up my Pinterest account for the first time in months. Instead of writing I’ve been playing with cameras again.

Late last year I was asked to book in some time for a maternity photoshoot with my friend Laura. That time was now. I actually shot Laura’s wedding back in 2011 and it’s great to see that her family has been growing ever since. I love them!

Little Bean turned 2 this week (how is she 2 already?!) and Little Bump is due in May, so it seemed like the perfect time to capture some memories for them. I’m hoping to steal Laura again in April when Little Bump becomes Big Bump.

All photos were shot at Withamside House. Here are some of my favourite shots:

  • just licked on this and was pleasantly surprised to see who the bump belonged to :).

  • Travis

    been trying to work this comment out for a while and just realised that it probably means Clicked. phew. that definately makes more sense.