To my new husband…

To my new husband…

Baby, when I think about you…

I think about New Year. Remember when I was suffering from the kind of flu that reduced me to tears anytime I couldn’t open a Lucozade bottle? I know I was delirious from watching nothing but The Walking Dead and drinking nothing but cough syrup, but I remember saying to myself “Wow, even when I’m this miserable, I’m happy.” That’s when I knew I had to hold on to you.

Someone wise once told me that marriage is about choice, choosing to stay together, regardless of the situation. Well, in that case, isn’t it like ‘choosing your partner for the Apocalypse’? Because then I’m so in. I’d choose you, every time. We’d be the only survivors. You, me, Bandit and the cockroaches (wouldn’t that be an awesome band name?!), I digress…

I’m not entirely sure how we ended up here. Marriage was never a journey that we drafted into our map. But I think we’re doing it in the best way possible. Super intimate. In fact, in the exact same way we’re always intimate – in front of two strangers and a video camera.

No, but seriously, I can’t tell you how much it means to me, to be invited into such an amazing family. I feel a little bit sad we don’t get to say our own vows (I bet you’re glad after reading this, though I probably wouldn’t have made the sex joke in front of strangers), and that my Grandma won’t be there to offer you an easy way out (cash or arsenic). But I can’t wait to shout “Hell yes, I do. Can I kiss him now?” on this, most spectacular of Star Wars Days. 

And when I think about our legacy, more than anything I hope that there will be a bench in our favourite park, with a plaque that reads:
“In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Nunn, who enjoyed many summers here, arguing over who fancied Ryan Reynolds the most…”
Thank you for being my husband. I write that with tears in my eyes. May we be happy, healthy, full of love, surrounded by dogs, overly prepared for zombie attacks and may the force be with us.

  • this 100% hits the nail on the head about marriage. When you know you know & this sums it up so well! Mega congrats again xo

  • @RickNunn Congratulations!

  • loverboy260

    pity your husband’s a racist prick – doesnt matter to you I know..