Where Can I Buy Seventeen Tattoo Me Eyeliner?

UPDATE: (November 13th, 2017) I have been informed that this eyeliner has now rebranded as “CYO This Line’s A Keeper”, which you can buy from Boots here. Praise the Lord it only took 5 months. Huge thanks to the two individuals who messaged me/commented on this post!

Eyeliner that’s emotion, sweat and sleep proof. (And I do a lot of those things.)

I cannot tell you exactly how many days in a row I have mashed desperately at my keyboard, hoping and praying that someone, somewhere would restock Seventeen’s Tattoo Me eyeliner. A.K.A. Spadge’s favourite eyeliner in the world!

(It verges on 120 days of Googling and crying alternately.)

I have used Tattoo Me eyeliner for almost two years now, most days it’s the only bit of makeup I wear. It was honestly the eyeliner of dreams. Smooth application, minimal clogs, but the best feature of all – it stayed put. My God, it stuck to those lids. Through real product testing nightmares, too. (Seventeen if you ever want to use me for eyeliner testing, I’m your perfect candidate.) It stayed on through hay-fever episodes, through late night dancing, through wind and rain, even swimming! I’m also slightly embarrassed to admit that it stayed on most nights and I would wake up looking equally as glorious the next day.

Where do you buy one of these magic eyeliners that I speak of? Well, here is the bad news… you can’t. Seriously. Sorry!

About 3 months ago, I began to run low (which takes a while, let me tell you). I visited my local Boots store only to find that the entire row of Tattoo Me eyeliner was empty. Not just temporarily empty either, but the kind of empty where you can see other shoppers have panic grabbed at the display with foundation-ed fingers. The saddest kind of empty. A panic sweat slowly dribbled down my brow, into my eyes (where my eyeliner still refused to budge, FYI) and before I even got outside the store, I was looking to the ever-trustworthy internet to save me.


Nothing but desperate pleas from the public (and cat memes), begging the brand to announce the next stock delivery date. And nothing but a silent response from the stores. Discontinued. The word every addict dreads. It echoed through my eyeballs and stuck like a lump inside my throat. How did we get to this, Seventeen? How?! I was nothing but loyal to you!! I can’t stress how much other eyeliners have failed me in the past. They smudge, they smear, they imprint themselves onto my upper lid, they kick innocent puppies in the street and they flat out refuse to stay on my face. Tattoo Me had saved me from years of smudged woes and I wasn’t ready to return to those days.

I went back to the makeup aisle, desperately looking for a similar product. There were felt tip eyeliners, liquid eyeliners, eye liner pencils, eyeliner gel. I’m pretty sure they were trying to sell Sharpies on one aisle. So, I chose three that claimed to be the most long-lasting ’48 hour wear’, ‘waterproof’, and other lies, but every single one failed in less than four hours. Ever thrown away a £12.99 eyeliner after one use? It hurts. Numerous failed attempts followed.

Then, one day, as I was browsing Superdrug (in your face, Boots), I spotted an eyeliner that claimed to be ‘clubbing proof’. “Hey, that’s the amount I sweat just walking to the Post Office!” I thought, “This might be worth a go.” This one was by Bourjois Paris, it was called Liner Clubbing Ultra Black and it was actually £3 cheaper than the Seventeen Tattoo Me eyeliner that was costing me £9.99 each time. This clubbing liner is the closest I’ve found to staying put on my lids to the extent of Tattoo Me. The applicator brush is slightly sharper, so you can do a very subtle line if you wish (I go big or go home), but it has impressively similar results.

I had to share this discovery. And I hope that it helps just some of the women who are begging Seventeen to bring back their favourite product. This one has saved the day! Bourjois Paris Liner Clubbing Ultra Black, £6.99. You’re welcome, ladies.

I am in no way being sponsored to promote this, it’s out of pure love for the product.

I also want to mention that I had previously avoided the brand Bourjois after hearing animal testing rumours, however it is illegal to sell those products in the E.U, and Bourjois abides by those laws.

  • LuLu

    OMG i have come here as i have been having the exact same thing!! i actually thought that was it, life as i know it over without this eyeliner, nothing even comes close, the felt liners these people even you tube tutorial are rubbish, dont know what sort of skin they have but not mine!! Thanks for this i’m gonna try your suggestion and live in hope that one day Tattoo me comes back to that dusty shelf in boots where only one opened tester (like your really going to use it) lies…..

  • Mia Joseph

    Yes trying to find seventeen tattoo me eyeliner is DOING MY HEAD IN.I used to wear Illasmaqua eyeliner and that seem to last some and i bought one £20.00 a couple of months ago and not only did it not come close to tattoo me,it DID COME OFF ,its RUN OUT.Tattoo me lasted so MUCH LONGER noy ONLY on the eyes but also TIMEWISE.What great value for money.Since then ive spent a bloody fortune on eyeliners that PROMISE to do what tattoo me doesnt and DO NOT LAST AT ALL.Whats the matter with Seventeen when they have such a FANTASTIC PRODUCT …..AND KEEP SAying coming soon,RATHER THAN tell the truth to customers

  • emi

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I live by dramatic wings every day and I’ve been milking the bits out of multiple tubes of tattoo me in desperate hopes that one day I could restock… THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  • Philippa Millage

    Ahhhh thank you so much. I have been desperately searching for months too. Even emailed them… twice!!!

  • Hayley Thompson

    Absolutely devastated about the lack of Tattoo Me! Thanks a lot for finding a suitable alternative. May God have mercy on Boots’ soul for taking away my favourite eyeliner from me.

  • Marina Ciriaco

    thank you very much for the tips. your history is my history too. I will try it.

  • Anna

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ve been nearly crying this week because I can’t find tattoo me and I’m nearly running out. Will try this one! Can relate so much to this post ❤️

  • Rhiannon Jeffers

    Thank you for this! I’ll give the Bourjois one a go! I’ve had to settle for a NYX one, but I’m allergic to everything, even though my flicks stay, the rest comes off at the first sight of a cat.
    I spoke to someone who said maybe they’re changing the packaging? But it’s been way too long for that now :(
    Hope it returns to us all soon!

  • Julia Upton

    Thank you. I have shared your same pain. Your research and recommendation is much appreciated x

  • Shell L Wylde

    Cyo have rebranded the tattoo me eyeliner it’s back for sale online in boots x

  • Spadge

    Thank you so much, I’m going to pass this on everywhere I know of. Huge love x

  • Spadge

    They have rebranded! This is not a drill, I have already ordered 3! http://www.boots.com/cyo-this-lines-a-keeper-semi-permanent-eyeliner-10239322 x

  • Spadge

    Oh my Goodness, I’ve been told it’s rebranded and is available here – http://www.boots.com/cyo-this-lines-a-keeper-semi-permanent-eyeliner-10239322 Wooo!! x

  • Spadge

    You were totally right about changing the packaging! They’ve rebranded! Can be found here – http://www.boots.com/cyo-this-lines-a-keeper-semi-permanent-eyeliner-10239322 :D xx

  • Spadge

    Hey!! I’ve just been told that they’ve rebranded, fingers crossed it’s the same! http://www.boots.com/cyo-this-lines-a-keeper-semi-permanent-eyeliner-10239322 x

  • Spadge
  • Spadge
  • Spadge

    Amazing news! It seems to have been rebranded and restocked!! I’ve ordered 3 already haha xxx

  • Spadge

    Can this be?! Is it back?! I have ordered 3!! Same item, different brand, I live in hope http://www.boots.com/cyo-this-lines-a-keeper-semi-permanent-eyeliner-10239322 xx

  • Spadge

    Eeeeck, I think it’s back! This is not a drill. Different brand but same product! http://www.boots.com/cyo-this-lines-a-keeper-semi-permanent-eyeliner-10239322 x

  • Anna

    You’re a legend. Thank you for letting me know! X

  • Shell L Wylde

    Very welcome x

  • Hayley Thompson

    Thanks so much for letting me know! I tried the Bourjois one and it just didn’t cut the mustard.Ordering 3 of the CYO ones right now!

  • Julia Upton

    Thank you so much. Just ordered. No others came close! Xx

  • Julia Upton

    Absolute legend x

  • Emma Baker

    THANK YOU!!! I was almost suicidal when they discontinued the ONLY eyeliner that has EVER stayed put on me!! I will try this one immediately! :D

  • FionaUK

    At last! Thank you!

  • Kitty Juggins

    So glad its not just me who’s been searching for this frantically since discontinuing it! Its temporarily back on boots’ website as they’re getting rid of all the seventeen products, and with a 10% discount :)