Braver than Britain, Occasionally

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Braver than Britain, Occasionally is a narrative non-fiction comedy about a wimpy girl who takes on Britain’s 10 biggest fears, in 10 months. This is a pretty impressive challenge for a girl who once had to take Diazepam to go to the zoo.

In 2015, Braver than Britain, Occasionally was listed in the Top 10 Non-Fiction Books of the Year by, and all profits went to cancer charity Sarcoma UK.

Warning: Contains occasional feminine cursing and one case of poorly-censored nudity.

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  • “One of the best written, bravest and most awe inspiring things I've read, all made more epic by the fact it's all for charity!”

  • “When people say ‘laugh-out-loud funny’ I usually think of someone smiling and giving a huff of laughter as they turn a page, but this had me bringing out the big guns.”

  • “So she’s brave, she’s funny and she’s generous? My fear of failure has just gone up a notch.”

  • “I sometimes found myself giggling even while my face was contorted in abject horror. That’s not an easy balance to achieve.”

  • “I have to hand it to Spadge. The resulting book is funny and silly and brave, and above all joyous. ”

  • “Not only did I learn that I'm a glossophobic, but I also gained an interesting insight into the thinking and reasoning for the phobias that I do not have.”