My projects are hardly ever writing-related, but I think it’s good to keep yourself busy, if not only to see how your insanity progresses. Sometimes a girl just needs to abseil down a cathedral, you know?

– Playing With Spadge

In the Christmas of 2016 I was very generously bought an electric piano. Despite not playing for almost a decade, this gift made my 2017 challenge an easy one to generate. I decided to learn at least one new song a month and upload a video of my progress. Here's how it went.

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– A Book A Week

In 2016, I read a book a week for a year. From fantasy to quantum physics, no book was safe from my relentless determination. I not only drastically broadened by reading horizon that year, but more than quadrupled my reading list. I highly recommend this one.

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– Top Ten Fears

In 2015, I conquered Britain’s top 10 fears. Inspired by a good friend of mine, I decided to stop being such a wuss about so many things. This included boarding a plane for the first time in over a decade, holding a tarantula and piercing some very sensitive body parts.

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– World's Naughtiest Puppy

In 2014, I became a Dog Mum for the first time. One perhaps shouldn’t call a living thing a “project”, but seriously, Bandit is more of a destructive force than a pet. He became a saviour to my routine, a burden to my eardrums and an irreplaceable gift to our lives.

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– A Camera A Month

In 2013, I collected a camera a month for a year. Trawling eBay for a bargain camera once a month was honestly as much fun as it sounds, and many benefits followed. I learned to shoot film in even the bleakest January conditions and learned to read German instruction manuals.

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