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Words are incredibly powerful in the right hands.


Content that inspires and engages people makes you memorable for all the right reasons.
Web Content

Updating your website or online bio is one of the fastest ways to make a stronger impact. It's your digital business card and it says a lot about you. Is yours making the best impression?

SEO Articles

SEO-friendly articles majorly increase the quality and the quantity of traffic coming through your website. Are you adding new content regularly? And is that content useful to the reader?

Email Marketing

Emails are my speciality! When everyone's inbox is a sea of mundane emails and updates, make sure your digital introduction or request stands out.

Editing and Proofing

Want a reliable pair of eyes to look over your copy or even an entire book? It's my most-requested work-request and I love to do it. I'll happily "Spadge-it-up" for you.


“Copy can be persuasive as Hell, especially if I've written it.”

Hello, my name is Spadge, a freelance writer, full-time word nerd and die-hard Die Hard fan. I’ve been writing professionally for a full decade, for all kinds of clients all over the world. I have a Master’s Degree in Communication and a Diploma in Fictional Writing, but those bits of paper aren’t really a testament to my skills, so ask me to spruce up a page of yours instead!

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Some wonderful
humans I work with...
Glen Noble

Glen Noble

Director at Simple as Milk

Spadge has a unique ability to give brands a tone of voice that every client falls in love with. We love working with her.

Amy Kyriacou

Amy Kyriacou

Founder at Kyria Creative

The Richard Gere to my Julia Roberts.

Harshal Sisodia

Harshal Sisodia

Co-Founder at Super Heroic, Inc.

Spadge was instrumental in helping us find that perfect balance of authenticity, sincerity, and playfulness. We cherish working with her.

Sophie Karaer

Sophie Karaer

Creative Director at SOKA Studio, Ltd.

Spadge is my absolute go-to for copywriting. She injects character and enthusiasm into every piece of copy. Her talent has proven integral to my business growth.

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