The cost of an Apple

The cost of an Apple

To be honest I was trying to avoid adding to the noise around the iPhone 5, but today I was inspired by some research from a couple of money-savvy colleagues, which I will share with you now.

After the announcement of the iPhone 5 yesterday, I’ve found opinions are already very mixed. I’m paraphrasing here, partly to protect identities and otherwise to avoid scrolling back through 24 hours worth of Twitter, but a friend tweeted: ‘The only thing I know about the iPhone 5 is that I want one!’. Without even reading into the specifications of the new phone, Apple have a strong enough brand to have followers that are this dedicated!

However, others have been less excited about the comparably small upgrade from the 4s, saying that it’s not worth paying extra money for a slightly bigger screen and a 4G network that will work with only a couple of network providers.

It seems it is the first time a lot of my friends won’t fight each other to be first in the queue for this upgrade.

Apple haven’t had the easiest year, their first without their founder and chairman, Steve Jobs. For Apple 2012 has included court cases with Samsung, ridicule for their advertising (so much that it had to be removed), and loss of their leadership of smart-phone sales to the Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple also seem to have fallen out with Google, removing both Google Maps and YouTube from their App list.

Even with all of these challenges affecting the company, they plan to release the iPhone 5 in the UK on the 21st of September this year. I own an iPhone 4 and despite being very tempted by the 4s – solely for the better camera, I ultimately settled for the 4 because of the price difference.

An iPhone 5 will cost £529 in the UK for the handset, or somewhere between £30 and £45 (standard) every month for 24 months on a contract. Even if the price of the handset was halved by your contract, that is a lot of money.

Consider this, as my friends and colleagues @jazzybam and @justinlamb_ did; a Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset would cost you under £300 and a £10 monthly ‘goodybag‘ with giffgaff for 24 months would mean spending less than it would cost buying just the handset of the iPhone 5. Plus with giffgaff you can opt out at any time; no contract.

Not bad research, eh?

I would like to upgrade to the iPhone 4s, like I said before – for the camera. I’m not in a rush to upgrade to the iPhone 5 at all, but I will be eager to read reviews from other Apple customers.

What will your next upgrade be?