First roll of 120

First roll of 120

Last Christmas (2012) my dad gave me a couple of old cameras. He said he ‘knew a guy’, which meant they were ‘in good nick’ don’t you know. Anyway, due to a pretty busy few months, I found it hard to dedicate any time to this bellowed-beauty. This month meant I could finally get around to having a play with it.

I had never used Medium Format before, but I had seen some very pretty results from some very pretty people.

This camera is a 1930’s Zeiss Ikon, complete with fold-out bellows and a nifty little self timer too. Impressive eh.

It took me a while to figure out exactly how far to wind the film between shots, so excuse some overlap. Then I found the hidden window on the back and became only too happy to keep checking the number behind it, which is why you can see numbers in some of the shots, where the light got through.

I am told that you usually get around ten shots with a roll of 120mm film, so I don’t think six is too bad for a first attempt.

Check out the results!

Chasing light in the woods

Upside-down dandelion 

One huge tree

Testing the self-timer

A really nice little camera, one that has proudly opened me up to a world of Medium Format. Thanks so much dad!

More details on my Flickr.