Guilt Branding

Guilt Branding

This is a term I have just invented but I think that it could catch on!

This time of year, guilt branding (I’m going to keep saying it even though you have no idea what it is yet) starts to pop up everywhere, on some of my favourite products. It happens every year but this one occasion particularly enraged me…

It’s October; Halloween owns this part of the confectionery season, right? And I (just about) arrive home after work in time to watch the sun go down. Yet, as soon as I get to the supermarket I’m even more ashamed than usual to fill my basket with giant sticks of Toblerone. Covered in guilt-ridden Christmas packaging.

And don’t get me started on the Baileys packaging.

Deep down we know that these ‘luxury items’ are intended for gift-giving. They make great stocking fillers and bring families closer together when they share these huge packages of fattening or drunk-inducing treats.

But who the hell says that being drunk and eating chocolate for breakfast can only happen once a year? I buy family sized Toblerones for one all the time, sometimes I’ll even let Rick have a piece that I’ve dropped on the floor a bit, you know like when you can’t quite snap it gracefully into a clean break? And with very little guilt.

This assumptive Christmas packaging just has to stop, especially in a month as early as October. Some of us need this sugary, coma-inducing treatment all year round. I demand a guilt-free-gorge! Who’s with me?

*dies alone*