Petrol snob

Petrol snob

Do you ever judge people by the amount of petrol they put into their tank?

You arrive at the pump long after the person before you, yet somehow, their spend on petrol opens up a huge insight into their lifestyle.

£120.00” – Landrover, lives out in the sticks, couple of dogs.

£80.00” – Commuter, pays with American Express, blazer hung in the back seat.

£20.00” – Car rental, student, or student with a rental car.

£54.63” – Someone who didn’t have time to even attempt the round-number game. They are far too reckless. Too busy being exciting! Probably on their way to a silent auction, outbidding people with their crazy unpredictable figures. Definitely shouldn’t be allowed this close to flammable liquid.

£40.01” – Hahaaaaa. Someone who kicked themself.

Anyway, this weekend I noticed you could set yourself a price limit on the petrol pump if you wanted. £20, £50, whatever limit you desired. Then the pump would simply cut you off. What a brilliant idea! You can aimlessly fill up the tank with your eyes closed. You could do anything with that gain of attention! (Except smoke, probably shouldn’t smoke).

No more squirt-by-squirt, edging those little dials closer to a rounded number. Others who suffer from mild Disparnumerophobia (fear of odd numbers) like me, should cross your fingers that these pumps will soon be coming to a station near you.

Interesting thought though, I wonder how much money the stations will lose from avoiding all those accidental over-fills?! Hmm…