This is about people, not politics

This is about people, not politics

For those that don’t know me that well, I’ve always found humans fascinating. I write that as if I’m not one (debatable), but sometimes I really do feel like an outsider. I certainly feel like more of an outsider during this pandemic.

It’s technically part of my job to study humans, but it’s a keen hobby of mine too. Is there another species with more diversity in how they portray themselves and communicate?

I write for different companies, and multiple audiences, all day. That means I constantly tailor my language to be as persuasive as possible. I need to understand people in order to speak to them most effectively. DON’T CLICK THIS LINK. I bet you at least hovered over that.

But we all have to be persuasive to an extent. With everything we share. (Don’t overthink this as much as I do before posting something online). Being persuasive is how we thrive and survive. We often persuade in order to get something we want, other times we try to convince others that we’re a certain type of person (funny, confident, caring), we sometimes persuade specific people that we’re the best person for a job and, in more recent cases, sometimes we try to persuade others to change their actions in a serious attempt to save lives.

TLDR – It’s a very overwhelming time to be interested in people and their actions.

Let me tell you – I have never, ever, seen people so aggressively divided before. And it is quite unnerving. Some people are adamant schools need to be opened as soon as possible for the wellbeing of children, others are terrified of putting lives at risk by doing that too soon. I have friends that are proudly ignoring the government guidelines. I have friends who haven’t left their house at all in ten weeks. Some friends are feeling huge amounts of sympathy for Boris and challenging other people to do a better job, others are concerned about his absence at meetings and the fact that he was shaking hands with the infected. I have friends who are still arguing pro-herd-immunity. I have friends who are anti-vax. I have friends who are far left and far right, both clapping for carers. I have friends who are pushing their work ethic harder than ever and I have friends who can barely remember to feed themselves.

I’m sure your Facebook feed, if you haven’t muted or deleted anybody that disagrees with you, looks similar to mine.

We are so hugely different and divided. And it’s never been more obvious how unable we are to unite as a kingdom (sorry, had to) until now. 

I suppose Brexit was a good indicator of just how divided we are as a country. I was shocked that Brexit meant that almost a whopping half of us were unhappy about our future. But this time it’s about more than that. It’s about having a future or not. 

If this wasn’t all a big hoax due to 5G, it would actually be pretty scary*.

*I joke, of course, but that opinion is probably the scariest.