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I have a Master's Degree in Communication (2011), a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Advertising (2009), a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (2013), and an A Level in Fictional Writing (2018).

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Part of 5 creative studios, worldwide.

Part of 5 creative studios, worldwide.

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Creative Concepts
There are usually at least 3 traits that make your company, service or product unique. This means I can suggest multiple creative concepts to weave into your content.
Tone of Voice
Whether you call it tone, voice, attitude or persona, it's key for bringing your brand to life. Your voice is what makes you recognisable and, if done well, makes you loveable too.
Content Writing
From single taglines to 'About' pages and product descriptions, content is such an important part of design. Whether digital or print, great copy can make or break the impact you make.
Proofing & Editing
What my clients and colleagues have affectionately nicknamed 'Spadging' – If you have words that could benefit from a professional eye, I'd love to Spadge those for you.
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As a huge fan of words, feel free to send some my way. Whether it's a question, brief, or great Mac n Cheese recipe, I'd love to take a look. Get in touch below.