A keyless smart lock with a handy app in tow, nello is a new product which is set to improve the lives of thousands of users that live in city apartments.

It’s a fact that people that live and work in the city are hardly ever home. They work unpredictable, long hours, usually have bustling social livesĀ and are never home to receive packages during the 9-5.

The solution:

nello is the smart lock and app companion that gives users the ability to allow access to their apartment buildings without sharing a key.

Never miss a parcel again, without sharing a key.

Not only can users share virtual keys, but they can enjoy hands-free access to their own apartment buildings, with the app opening the door while their phone is still in their pocket.

My role:

Working with the design team at Simple as Milk, it was my role to effectively communicate nello’s many benefits, with the additional challenge of it being a brand new product on the market.

Think of nello as your virtual doorman - an app that has brought apartment living into the 21st century.

I added some personality into the About copy, to show that nello was created by real people who are fun, ambitious and experienced. We always have a laugh with the people we work with and really enjoy when companies choose to show their fun side.


App copy has to be short, clear and concise. The user must always be fully aware of what they are being asked to do and space is very limited.

Keeping personality strong in such a short amount of characters is always a challenge, but one I very much enjoy.


Onboarding is the best time to shout about the benefits:
Keyless entry has never been easier. Never wait in for deliveries again.
With so many useful features, it's important that each one stands out. The beautiful illustrations by Vic Bell certainly help!

This was a really fun project.