No Divide

No Divide

No Divide are a tech company with a real niche. Their audience is super specific, so their website needed updating in a way that really grabbed the right reader.

They re-build platforms for existing products that have outgrown their old ones. Perhaps their clients have expanded and outgrown their branding and are now experiencing site performance issues, perhaps they needed to update their technology or improve payment systems.

The copy issue:

Their old site didn’t fully communicate their full range of skills, didn’t speak to the right audience and didn’t even show a glimpse into their approachable personalities. Enter Spadge…

Shout the benefits:

Any reader wants to instantly see the biggest benefit to them by using your company. By writing "Your current build is slowing your product down", the reader hears "your product could be faster, giving your customers a better experience".


It's so important to slip the size of the clients you work with into your copy. This shows the scale of your projects and gives the reader a clue into whether or not you're the right company for them.

Why use you?
We build our own tools that are used by thousands, including our competitors.
Ooft, that's a hard hitting line.

Show your personality:

I really like to add little details in brackets that show a company's personality and how they interact with each other. "This is where we bet on..." it shows that a company is able to have fun and works well together.

What the client says:

Even when you think you've written the perfectly worded copy, Spadge takes it to the next level. She's like a magician... but with words instead of spells and a Chihuahua instead of a wand!

Ryan Taylor, Co-Founder, No Divide

Visit the site: No Divide