Scratch is an app that helps users manage and take control of their loan payments.

As a US-based company, the founders of Scratch were tired of the outdated way that loan servicers manage loan repayments. People who repay loans become very frustrated with a process which often leaves them in the dark. This, in turn, is bad for the banks who lend the money, and Scratch is the solution that pleases everyone on both sides – borrowers and lenders.

Managing a loan shouldn’t be a full time job, it should be a process that is simple, clear and well managed. Scratch needed a copywriter to effectively communicate these benefits that almost sound too good to be true.

I worked with the talented Simple as Milk team on this fun project.

Fit your loans into your life, not the other way around.
I kept the copy simple, straightforward and heavily-focused on the benefits, to keep the complex message clear to readers. It's important that your reader instantly knows what you're offering them.

Talking about money is a complex and sensitive issue for many people, the copy had to be reassuring as well as trustworthy.



When talking to the lenders (banks) it's more important to show the many benefits of switching from their longstanding loan servicers. Their customers deserve a better experience and they'll become much more popular for it.

What will customers ask?

Security is always a major concern when it comes to money, particularly when it comes to trusting an app with it. By giving readers peace of mind in the copy, you will easily turn them into customers.

Visit the site: Scratch