Simple as Milk

Simple as Milk

Simple as Milk are a collaborative of creative freelancers that range from illustrators to designers, developers and copywriters.

With members all over the world, the company works as a “pay for what you need” basis for its clients, where they can simply hire as many of the team as they like.

The tone:

One of the best things about Simple as Milk is how fun they are to work with. They are crude, cheeky and incredibly clever, always speaking their mind and coming up with truly innovative ideas.

“Sometimes we work together, sometimes we work alone, sometimes in different timezones. We keep the magic alive with 24/7 sexting.”

That really does sum up the team perfectly.

The team:
One day we’ll be rich, you’d best work with us while we need the money.

The audience:

Due to the nature of Simple as Milk, the team want to attract clients that are more "fun" than particularly "functional". That meant that I could inject extra humour and personality into the copy, so that potential clients would know the type of projects to get in touch with.

What the client says:

Spadge has a unique ability to give brands a tone of voice that every client falls in love with. We love working with her.

Glen Noble, Director, Simple as Milk

Visit the site: Simple as Milk