Soulmates is a Prague-based design agency with talents as big as their personality.

They work with a wide range of clients from innovative start-ups to high-end well established global brands, making an big impact and leaving their mark with each project.

They pride themselves on being more like a family than an agency. They look out for each other, help each other out as much as possible and like to socialise outside of the office too.

Their name ‘Soulmates’ is a big part of their identity and it became my task to communicate the story behind that.

My role:

I worked with the head designer and SEO of Soulmates to help them communicate their personality to the world. I had worked for their clients before and now it was time to update their own tone of voice.

Summing up their company in one sentence was one of my most tricky tasks. They have so many strings to their bow! In the end we narrowed it down to three key skills which we felt summarised their offerings best.


The About Page was such an integral part of the copy. It had to communicate how Soulmates work, how they feel about each other, how they approach their work and their skill level, all in two paragraphs.

"We believe in each other just as much as ourselves."

This line had to make an impact. The team truly go the distance to help improve each other in so many ways: their careers, skillsets and wellbeing too. A true family.


The Values section became a nice way to show the world the team's playful side. Although they work with some huge names, they stay true to themselves and stay cheeky where possible.

They always let me have fun with my work too!


I always enjoy using alliteration, I think it gives copy a nice touch, especially when it's a list of skills of attributes.

Discover, define, develop, deliver. These three d's became the perfect summary to show Soulmate's smart and strategic approach to each brief. (That's a lot of S's right there too!)

What the client says:

Spadge quickly adapts to each client's market and creates meaningful, bold copy which perfectly fits the brand positioning and strategy. She is not only great at getting tasks done but always adds her ideas and improvements to make the project even better.

Tom Hodbod, Creative, Soulmates

Visit the site: Soulmates