Super Heroic

Super Heroic

Super Heroic is a US company on a mission to empower kids with their high-end clothing products.

Specialising in footwear, they designed the iconic TMBLR v1 – sneakers designed specifically for kids’ feet – with every detail considered.

From technical sidewall grip which grips on any surface to dual density soles that are built to withstand extra movement, no sock liner for a closer fit and a utility strap to avoid fumbling with laces, they’re shoes that make kids feel like superheroes on the playground and beyond.

The detail is truly impressive, the unboxing process is more like unpacking a spaceship than a pair of shoes and they throw in a cape with every order too.


My role:

Working with the designers at Simple as Milk, I took creative lead on the copy to help distinguish the brand.

With footwear that belongs in a toyshop, designed to unlock hidden super powers and grow the confidence of the kids wearing the products, it was a truly fun and empowering project to work on.

Play is good for the soul and it was my job to remind adults of how important play is. The years tend to make you forget.


The Mission

The audience:

Selling to somebody who isn't going to wear the product themselves is always a trickier sell. All parents were children themselves once, all I had to do was tap into that memory, reminding them how truly special is it to appreciate the creativity and capability of a child's mind.
Remember that feeling of running so fast that it felt like your legs would fall off, spinning around until you couldn’t stand and climbing until you could see the whole world?

What the client says:

Establishing a brand tone of voice is hard enough, but when establishing a new company in an ultra-competitive landscape - the pressure is even more daunting. Spadge was instrumental in helping us find that perfect balance of authenticity, sincerity, and playfulness. We cherish working with her.

Harshal Sisodia, Co.Founder + CMO, SuperHeroic, Inc.

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