Courage (#1 Tree Lake Series)

By Nell Alexander

Oooft, a saucy fling with the local handyman is just what the doctor ordered.

Ley has had a truly terrible time. She’s lost her fiancé, her job and her home all in one fell swoop. With no family to lean on and no commitments holding her back, she soon finds herself starting over in the very welcoming small town of Chestnut Grove.

The setting and characters are so wonderful. Liam is quite literally her hero from day one, his sister Lisa is the sister she never had and the local guesthouse owner, Miss Owens, is the motherly figure we all need more of in this world.

The plot is just as delicious too. It has drama, it has heat, it has suspense, twists and turns! I couldn’t put it down! And Chestnut Grove is truly the ideal place to escape to when the world is falling apart in real life. I can’t wait for the next in the series.

Favourite quote:

I’m worried that if I take my eyes from her, even for a second, she will disappear, and this dream will end.

I’m so glad Ley finally has a great man in her grasp, and, if I can harness the infamous climax of the movie Pretty Woman for a moment, I feel like she’s saved him right back.