By Dolly Alderton

Ooooft. Such delicious descriptions and metaphors in here, I have major writer’s envy!! Unlike a lot of books that rely on an explosive plot to maintain the reader’s interest, this story drops us in the midst of Nina’s 32nd year of life and ends at her 33rd. A single year – yet some of the most compulsive reading I’ve ever experienced!

You can tell Dolly delves deep into her characters, settings and situations because everything feels so seeped in background that you feel like you’re truly living it. Despite never having used a dating app in my life, I feel like I have shared PTSD now, haha!

I loved every page of this book. I laughed and I cried, and the characters are so strong and recognisable (I swear she must know my mother). I never quite knew what direction the story was going to go in – in a fantastic way – and I’m now very impatient for my friends to read it so we can discuss it when it comes out!

Favourite quote:

“Hello?” Mum barked as she picked up the landline, harried and hassled, as if I were a PPI salesman calling for the fifth time in an hour.”

Just so relatable!!!

Release Date: 15th Oct 2020

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