Girl in the Walls

By A.J. Gnuse

I’m a little shocked at the many 5 star reviews for this book.

What first intrigued me as a plot seems to have fallen very flat. It’s categorised as adult fiction and described as a gothic tale, but it’s quite simply a modern story (it mentions Pop Tarts multiple times) about a young girl trying to hold onto her childhood home by hiding in the walls, and doing a terrible job about it.

One of the biggest sins for me is that I’ve been left with a lot of unanswered questions – we never understand why the villain exists or does the job he does, we don’t find out what happens to her best friend who saves her life, and (spoiler alert) we don’t understand emotionally why she can finally move on either.

An aspect of the plot I enjoyed was that this wall-dweller brings antagonistic brothers closer together with her terrible hiding tactics. Brotherly bonding is wonderfully heartwarming.

If you want a real gothic tale or some addictive tension in a story, I don’t think this one hits the mark.

Favourite quote:

Her life was a film put on pause while the rest of the world churned relentlessly on.

Release Date: 4th Mar 2021

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