Hello, Again

By Isabelle Broom

This was a very slow burner for me. I feel like it needed some kind of big hook because it didn’t draw me in at all and I struggled to find the enthusiasm to move forward, often prioritising other reads despite starting this one twice.

Plot points were occasionally frustrating too, for example Pepper (our hero) doesn’t even Google the man they’re trying to hunt down in Lisbon until about day 3 of the spontaneous trip there. Who doesn’t Google someone to try and locate them before making a trip?

I did, however, enjoy the chemistry between Pepper and Finn, a bashful British prude and a smooth-talking German make for a wonderful yin and yang. And I very much enjoyed reading the personal revelations they taught each other as the story progressed.

If you’re looking for a slow-paced, slightly-cheesy pick-me-up, with a slice of late-blooming first-time love and splash of family drama, then Hello, Again is a perfect choice!

Favourite quote:

‘You are cheesy,’ she informed him. ‘But luckily for you, I am crackers.’

Hello, Again will be released on the 9th of July.