Here Is the Beehive

By Sarah Crossan

My absolute favourite thing about this book is how it’s written. It’s different from anything I’ve ever read before. It really pulls you in. Written as a constant stream of consciousness; it’s like poetry interwoven with gripping dialogue.

It’s a truly addictive story, flicking between life during and after an affair. You say to yourself “I’ll just read one more page before making lunch” and then you’re still glued to the book 20 pages later. I have a feeling this book will start a trend!

Ana is a (married) solicitor who has an affair with one of her (married) clients, when he dies suddenly and unexpectedly Ana must find a way to deal with her grief, and keep their secret at the same time.

The way the narrative jumps between passion for her lover and complete coldness to her husband is so immersive and impressively done, especially within such short lines of dialogue. The story unfolds at a gripping pace and yet doesn’t feel rushed either, I honestly can’t find a fault (and I try really hard to find faults.)

Favourite quote:

When I think of the things
I almost said,
the flotsam
in my head,
a hand tightens around my throat.
I wish I could speak simply
or simply speak,
whisper the wrecking yard junk
hidden in my pokiest corners.

Here is the Beehive is out 20th of August and I will be recommending it to every reading circle I know! A new favourite.

Release Date: 20th Aug 2020

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