How Should One Read a Book?

By Virginia Woolf

I must admit, I enjoyed Sheila Heti’s introduction even more than Woolf’s essay itself, so I highly recommend reading this marvellous match! Where Heti describes the way in which books are fluid shapes, that change depending on where we are in life and that they continue to change shape through time. Simply beautiful.

“While paintings and theatre and movies live in our memories as things we have witnessed, a book is undergone like a dream.”

Woolf’s essay is now almost a century old and so (sadly) much of the reference material was lost on me but, all in all, I found this a very thought-provoking read. I also very much enjoyed the irony where Woolf critiqued the art of critiquing writing.

“Nothing can be more fatal than to be guided by the preferences of others in a matter so personal.”

And on that note, I hope you enjoy it! How Should One Read A Book is out on the 12th of October, thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to share this feedback.

Release Date: 13th Oct 2020

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