Just Like You

By Nick Hornby

Rather like the many debates around Brexit mentioned in this unusual love story, when trying to decide if I enjoyed this book or not, I find myself sitting very much on the fence.

On the one hand, I did very much enjoy sharing the moral and social complications of experiencing a relationship with a hefty 20 year age gap – Lucy, a White, 42 year old female English teacher dates her 22 year old, Black, male babysitter, Joseph.

Then, on the other hand, I often found myself confused or second guessing if what I *think* just happened, had actually just happened – On more than a couple of occasions the story seemed to jump into different scenarios or glaze over important facts. Suddenly Joseph would feel sick ‘after it was over’ and I had no idea what had just happened. Similarly it’s only long after we’ve met certain characters when we learn that they too (like Joseph) are Black. I felt lost or like I had been led clumsily in the wrong direction on more than a couple of occasions. Which was unexpected for such a well known, best-selling author.

For what is no doubt a love story, it discusses a lot of important topics around race, class divides, age divides, educational divides, government benefits, political stances, closed mindedness and prejudice around all of those things. Which I think is very tactfully and bravely done.

Favourite quote:

He was very interested in feathering caps and he didn’t mind which bird the feathers had fallen off.

I’m excited to hear what my friends think about this one. I got through it in just 2 sittings, but I definitely wouldn’t class it as ‘great’.