The Party Wall

By Stevie Davies

Beautiful, dark and twisted. This book truly caught me off guard and kept me on edge so often. What a wonderful reminder that you never quite know what’s going on under the surface of someone, and to be careful who you trust, even when it’s someone you’re literally very close to.

Mark is madly (a very apt word) in love with his recently-widowed neighbour, Freya. Obsession and delusion are major themes in this story, but so are themes of grief and healing. It’s so deliciously creepy and chilling, perversion has never been so addictive to devour.

The story slowly unravels with past and future slotting perfectly into place with each chapter. It kept me hooked completely, was wonderfully paced and the characters so deep and recognisable .

My absolute favourite thing though has to be the writing style. I learned so much from Mark’s eccentric reading habits and cultural knowledge, in fact I made more highlights in this book than in any I’ve read over the past 2 years! I also lowkey love how much the author clearly favours dogs over cats.

Favourite quote:

She had opened apertures in his darkness and shone the light of her understanding through them.

I highly recommend this book if you’re looking for something dark, gripping, unusual and beautifully written. The Party Wall will be released on 17th September, thank you to Honno Modern Fiction for the arc.