The Thursday Murder Club

By Richard Osman

I feel a little mean with my low rating here, because I appreciate how complex solving so many mysteries in one novel must have been, but oh my goodness this was soooo hard to get into.

I genuinely had to bribe myself with sugary treats for completing chapters for more than half the book.

Set in an old folk’s community village, The Thursday Murder Club is a group of old age friends who like to delve into old police reports for fun. However, when a series of real life murders takes place in their community, they are the first ones on the case.

I suppose I should have really been more prepared for the type of content after reading the description, but the style of writing sadly didn’t hook me either. I think, through no fault of Osman’s, this book is targeted at an older, perhaps slow-paced, kind of reader! And was never meant for my impatient eyes. If you’re looking for a few old age chuckles and can keep up with a lot of characters, connections and back stories, I would love you to feel differently to me.

Let’s focus on the plus points that carried me to the end:

  1. If the entire book had been segments of Joyce’s diary, I’d have been much happier. I absolutely love her and her optimistic delusions!
  2. I read the entire book in Osman’s voice, and I do so love his soothing voice.
  3. There are many quotes in here that really make you value how many years you (hopefully) have left. So thank you, for that outlook.

Favourite quote:

After a certain age, you can pretty much do whatever takes your fancy. No one tells you off, except for your doctors and your children.

The Thursday Murder Club is out on the 3rd of September, thank you to Penguin books for the arc.