The Vow

By Debbie Howells

Strap yourself in, the plot of this book is like triple concentrate! Probably should have used a car pun there, instead, after mentioning seatbelts. *ahem* The plot of this book is a hundred miles an hour! It covers 3 generations of family, murders, suicides, affairs, mysterious disappearances, a bit of witchcraft… There’s intertwining plots, double lives and even name changes, and you’d think that would make it difficult to follow, but it really didn’t! It was addictive! I stayed up until 2am dying to know what would happen next.

Amy is engaged to a charming, if not slightly controlling, handsome man named Matt. But when they’re just two weeks from their wedding day, Matt mysteriously disappears and doesn’t return home from work. When Amy reports him missing to the police the next day, she discovers another woman, claiming to be his girlfriend, has already done the same.

It really is an enjoyable rollercoaster of a book. It has some unexpected elements that I really enjoyed learning about too, such as the power of certain herbs and the meaning behind different flowers.

But, if I’m being picky (my prerogative, of course), the plot was so busy that it often felt rushed in places, in a very noticeable way. A good example is when Amy goes to bed the first night Matt is missing and it’s suddenly like “Waking up the next morning…”, I felt like it would have been much more believable to describe how awful going to bed alone was, and how she was too sick with worry to get any sleep. I’d be roaming the woods with a torch!

I also struggled to find a favourite quote, because the plot was so punchy that I feel it lacked descriptive depth (sorry!). Still, here is one I notably highlighted:

“You can’t take love. Like the soft summer breeze, it has to be given.”

The Vow is out on October 15th, and it will definitely take over your day!

Release Date: 15th Oct 2020

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