• creative
  • strategic
  • simple
  • memorable
  • powerful
  • bold
  • impactful
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Skills required
• Creative copywriting
• Content Concepts
• Service descriptions
• Tagline options
• Call to action copy

Finally a way to make loan repayments easier, more flexible and truly transparent.

Scratch wanted to majorly shake things up in the world of loan repayments. The previous market had always been an area of outdated frustration for both lenders and borrowers. By majorly simplifying the repayment process, Scratch is a reminder that life doesn't have to revolve around debt.

With a complicated message and a site that had to speak to both lenders and borrowers, I knew this messaging had to be as clear as it was persuasive.

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/ The mission

With an important mission to change peoples’ relationship with debt, I wanted to help show that there’s more to life than loans…


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