• creative
  • strategic
  • simple
  • memorable
  • powerful
  • bold
  • impactful
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Skills Required
• Creative copywriting
• Storytelling
• Email marketing
• App copy
• Tone of Voice Guide
• Product descriptions
• Social posts & captions

Inside every child is a superhero. They just need the tools to unlock it.

Super Heroic is a company whose mission speaks even louder than its products. Their cutting edge playground apparel does more than delight children, it inspires them to explore, grow and unlock their inner hero.

I'm really proud to have helped shape and find the voice of this incredible company - one that is shaping future generations. My copy can be found in Super Heroic's interactive games, exhibition spaces, comic book plots and characters, within their inspirational playground app, and throughout their messaging, encouraging both children and their guardians to harness the ‘invincible power of play’.

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Image Title
/ The mission

Super Heroic proves that when children believe they can make a difference, that’s the most important kind of superpower there is...


As a huge fan of words, feel free to send some my way. Whether it's a question, brief, or great Mac n Cheese recipe, I'd love to take a look. Get in touch below.